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Negotiated Sale: Available Immediately

Complete Glass Bottle Line from Larger Brewery

Complete 12 OZ. Glass Bottle-line Available for Immediate Sale. 

Locatate in Western Canada BC

(2) Accutech Depalls, Krones Fillers & Labelers, Sander Hansen Doub Deck SS Pasteurizer, Loads of SS Conveyor, more. Complete Glass Bottle Line.


Location:  Western Canada,  BC


For Immediate sale: Complete 12 oz. Glass Bottle Line. Includes the following:


401 Accutech case depalletizer, model No. 3965-05 M9-014
402 Accutech case depalletizer, model No. 3965-05 M9-013
403 Acme bulk glass depalletizer, model No. SECO 400-2D, serial No. 5184-485-465
404 Bevco empty bottle rinser
405 Krones bottle washer, type D4.CS.QQE438, equip. No. K682257
406 Heuft empty bottle and sidewall inspector, model REFLEXX
407 Krones Mecafill 100 valve bottle filler with 24 head crowner and transfer base, filler 13' x 12', crown and transfer 13' x 6'
408 Krones Multimatic labeler with 5 station label aggregates, model K-070-411, 154 IN x 154 IN dimension
409 Synergx cap inspection model No. FBI MAINSYSTEM, serial No. 13-1818-VAN
410 Sander Hansen double deck pasteurizer, 61 length tunnel with 16 FT wide belt,12 pump system
411 Taptone system, manf No.K781-102, model No. FEM-X, 2004 year
412 Krones bottle conveyor
413 Kettner Contipac rotary case packer, 24 bottle, Molson 25901
414 Pearson case erection machine, serial No. 0002089447
415 Pearson 6 pack erector, serial No. 2005DX1510571, 460 vac
416 Pearson 6 pack erector, serial No. 2005DX1510572, 460 vac
417 Pearson 6 pack stuffer
418 Krones case conveyor, wide up to 17.5 IN
419 Krones case palletizer
420 ITW Muller stretch wrapper
421 Harmony compactor (can crusher) with dump system, serial No. SSHB-R-05B
422 American Baler Co. baler, model No 5042WS-9T30, serial No. 92651210, NOTE: 575 VAC
423 Accutech box bottom saw system bottle uncaser, model 3900E-05, serial No. M9-035-077
424 Accutech box bottom saw system bottle uncaser, model 3900E-05, serial No. M9-035-078
425 Gassner crown feed system with hopper, 2014 year, 460 vac
426 Ecolab chemical feed system with 10 hp pump , model CR132-3-2-A-G-G-E KLBF
427 U.S. chemical storage unit, 86 IN wide x 15.9 FT length

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