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Online Only Auction — Complete 30 bbl Micro-Brewery — Plant Closed

Micro-Brewery Closed! Wild Goose 16 oz line, More!

Complete Microbrewery located in Eureka, CA -- Over 150 Lots ALL EQUIPMENT TO BE SOLD AT AUCTION -- WALL TO WALL, FLOOR TO CEILING!

Jun 17th 2021
11:00 AM US/Central
Industrial Machinery & Equipment > Food & Beverage Service

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Complete Microbrewery located in Eureka, CA -- Over 150 Lots

Highlights Include:

  • 30 bbl Semi-Automated Brewhouse,
  • Wild Goose 16 oz can line (new in 2016)
  • 20+ SS Mueller & Santa Rosa Tanks, Glycol Jacketed sized from 30 -60 - 90 bbls
  • Alpha Laval Centrifuge type BREW 80
  • York Glycol Chiller (new in 2016)
  • Water Softening System
  • Outside Grain Silos
  • Forktrucks, Fittings, Hand Tools, Some Restaurant Equipment, MORE!


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Rigging prices to be posted in each lot.



101Wild Goose 4 station can filler with single head seamer , model WGC250, serial WGC-0523, 115 vac 1 ph
101ASKA FAB can depalletizer, model CAN I, serial 0420-363, 200-240 1 ph or 400-460 3 ph vac
101BModular Conveyer twist can rinser, setup for 16 oz can, 460 vac
101CModular Conveyer can conveyor with VFD , 1 hp, 230/460 vac, 12 ft straight, 180 deg turn
101DPack Leader full wrap can labeler, model PL501D, serial 00166PL501D0010007, 115 vac, , 2017 year
102Sympack 32 head beer filler and 8 head crowner with CIP system, beer control valve pipe module, beer pump and open top vessel, model RS 32-8, serial 2645, 240 vac
103Sympack crown feed system, model ALMG, serial 507M01, 240 vac
104LOT OF bottom conveyor, 1 180 deg turn, 2 90 deg turn, 60 ft straight
105Inline bottle twist rinser system, 12 ft length ,12 oz bottle
106Pack off conveyor system KB Genesis VFD , 230/460 vac, 7-1/2 in to 11-1/2 in wide x 78 in length
107Pack Leader in line bottle labeler system , model PL-501-D, serial 00129PL501D0010602
108Industrial Automation Corp (IAC) 12oz bottle uncaser
109SK case drop packer, single head, motor MTPM-001-1M18
110Rockford Midland (Sealstar) case sealer with Nordson ProBlue 10 hotmelt unit, serial, 230/460 vac
111FoxJet portable inline case coder with caster, part number 5780015FXIJH32702246
112Case conveyor , 36 ft straight , 1 90 deg turn, 1 180 deg turn
113Linx inkjet coder mode GB48, serial CJ400, year 2013
114Glycol dual pump with 500 gallon storage tank skid, Bel & Gosset 10 model E1532SSFSIC8.75 / C234305 & 10 hp motor, SSFSIC10/25/ C-1532, 160 gpm, 100 ft hd, 230/460 vac
115Metal construction stair with hand railing , 24 in x 36 in platform area, 50 in hgt
11630 BBL Brewhouse, 4 vessels with pumps , plat & frame heat exchange, control panel, VFD and mezzanine, kettle, lauter tun with rake, mash tun, steam jacketed insulated hot water tank
117Brew Built 3 vessel pilot brewhouse, 30 gallon capacity,
118Hot liquor 60 bbl. stainless steel steam jacketed insulated tank with manway on top, 14 ft OAH x 42 in dia
119Fermentation tank with VFD , pump and plat & frame heatexchanger, 3 hp, 208/230/460 vac
120Stainless steel 60 bbl glycol jacketed insulated cone bottom fermentation tank, 72 in dia x 16 ft hgt, NOTE: LEAKS GLYCOL
121|Mueller stainless steel 90 bbl. glycol jacketed insulated cone bottom fermentation tank, serial F41581-11, 14.5 psi at 100 deg F, 8 ft dia x 14 ft hgt, NOTE: HAS GLYCOL LEAK
122|Mueller stainless steel 90 bbl. glycol jacketed insulated cone bottom fermentation tank, serial F41581-9, 14.5 psi at 100 deg F, 8 ft dia x 14 ft hgt, NOTE: HAS GLYCOL LEAK
123Santa Rosa 50 bbl glycol jacket bright tank, serial 742059, 30 psi at 100 deg f, 14 ft hgt
124Santa Rosa 65 bbl bright tank, serial 365089, 30 psi at 100 deg F, 14 ft hgt, NOTE: HAS GLYCOL LEAK
125Stainless steel 30 bbl glycol jacketed insulated bright tank, 64 in dia x 115 in hgt
126Stainless steel 30 bbl glycol jacketed insulated fermentation tank, 6 ft dia x 80 in hgt
127Stainless steel 30 bbl glycol jacketed insulated fermentation tank, 6 ft dia x 80 in hgt
128Stainless steel 30 bbl glycol jacketed insulated fermentation tank with 1.5 hp pump and P&F heatexchanger , serial 120251 6 ft dia x 80 in hgt
129Mueller stainless steel 90 bbl glycol jacketed insulated fermentation tank, 8 ft dia x 17 ft hgt
130Mueller stainless steel 90 bbl glycol jacketed insulated fermentation tank, 8 ft dia x 17 ft hgt
131Santa Rosa stainless steel 60 bbl glycol insulated fermentation tank, serial 9891, 14.5 psi at 100 deg F, 72 in dia x 17 ft hgt
132Santa Rosa stainless steel 60 bbl glycol insulated fermentation tank, serial 9365, 14.5 psi at 100 deg F, 72 in dia x 17 ft hgt
133Mueller stainless steel 60 bbl glycol jacketed insulated fermentation tank, serial 163640-2, design 25 psi at 100 deg F, 90 in dia x 14 ft hgt
134Mueller stainless steel 60 bbl glycol jacketed insulated fermentation tank, serial 163640-1, design 25 psi at 100 deg F, 90 in dia x 14 ft hgt
135Mueller stainless steel 90 bbl glycol jacketed insulated fermentation tank, 8 ft dia x 17 ft hgt
136Mueller stainless steel 90 bbl glycol jacketed insulated fermentation tank, 8 ft dia x 17 ft hgt
137Alfa Laval centrifuge , type BREW 80, manufacturer number 9660004734, serial 4246914-M, 460 vac, 2016
138Ss Brewing stainless steel insulated batch vessel with caster, 17 gallon
139Beer pump cart, 1.5 hp , 230/460 vac
140Ampco Pump Company dry hops system with inline shearing pump and SEW Eurodrive VFD, 5 hp, Rolec DH ,model RDH090-100L, serial 171290-10-1
141LOT OF beer hose with tri-clover connection, random lengths
142LOT OF stainless push cart with contents , pipe fitting, clamps, 24 in x 36 in dimension
143LOT OF stainless push cart with contents , pipe fitting, clamps, 24 in x 36 in dimension
144LOT OF stainless push cart with contents , pipe fitting, clamps, 24 in x 36 in dimension
145LOT OF stainless push cart with contents , pipe fitting, clamps, 24 in x 36 in dimension
146LOT OF content on table, 3 scale, refractometer, 3 thermometer, 5000 ml beaker, measuring cup
147LOT OF content on table, microscope, Burrel tube shaker, Serological pipet
148LOT OF valves, piping, fitting , and clamp
149Pentair Haffmans TPO system, model C-DGM
150Electronic scale, 0.22 to 660 lbs capacity
151LOT OF 5 Sankey retrofit 1/2 barrel kegs
152LOT OF 6, 5 Sankey retrofit 1/2 barrel kegs and 1 submergible pump
153LOT OF 3, 2 bottle extractor, 1 table top hand crowner, made in Italy
154LOT OF 2 plate and frame heat exchanger, SABCO wort chiller, 10 in x 6 in x 5 in thk plates
155Keg-Technik keg washer and filler, model KS1446500, serial 020181
156Smith Precision CO2 pump assembly, model MC1044RH-Z , 400 PSI discharge pressure, 3 hp , 230/460 vac
157C. Seeger 6 roller mill with 139 in x 149 in depth platform, 72 in w x 72 in d x 74 in hgt
158Heavy Duty Product (HDP) mill, model SR10-10, serial 960707, 230 3ph vac, 1996 year
159Monster Mill cabinet mount batch mill with drill drive, 115 vac
160LOT OF 3 grain auger and motor assembly with Cumberland hopper and spare auger, 1 hp , 230/460 vac
161LOT OF 2 grain auger and motor assembly with spare auger, 1/2 hp , 230/460 vac, approx. 25 ft and 6 ft
162Universal grain bucket elevator conveyor, model UL-630, serial 55605, 18 ft hgt x 8 in w x 15 in
163Universal grain bucket elevator conveyor, model C3-500X8, serial 74267, approx 18 ft hgt x 8 in w x 5 in
164Galvanize steel gist silo with Rice Lake load cell weight scale system and auger feed unit to elevator, model 7201-2A
165Grain silo 10 ft dia x approx 25 ft hgt
166Grain silo 13 ft dia x approx 25 ft hgt
167York glycol chiller system, model YCAL0056EE46EB5DTXXXRL, R410a refrigerant, 460 vac, year 12/2016
168Quincy Northwest air compressor, model QNWF25-V, serial 0806513722, 460 vac, 20 hp, NOTE: NOT OPERATIONAL
169Quincy Northwest air compressor, model QNW-20-V, serial 050370, 460 vac, 25 hp
170ZES air dryer CFX with stainless steel heatexchanger, model 100NCGA100,serial 519136, R410a refrigerant
171ZES air dryer CFX with stainless steel heatexchanger, model 75NCG4100,serial 330175, R410a refrigerant
172LES boiler with condensation system and chemical injection system, model HF3-50, serial 99E7726, 2010000 BTU input
173LAARS boiler, model HH07151N09K1ABCQ, serial C12244092, 578150 BTU input
174LOT OF cleaning brushes, buckets, shovel, measuring cups and pails
175Hyster propane fuel fork truck with spare tank, hard tires, model S50FT, serial F187V17359J, truck weight 8870 lbs
176Stainless steel double bowl sink with faucet
177LOT OF 2 dolly carts
178LOT OF 2 shop vacuum cleaner
179LOT OF tanks and regulator
180Kenmore washer and propane gas dryer, series 200
181LOT OF 6 20 lbs propane tanks
182LOT OF PALLET sch 80 and 40 PVC fittings , 1-1/2 in ball valve, 1-1/2 in elbows, 2 in x 1 in tee, 1 to 1-1/2 in sch 40 misc bits, sch 40 ball valves
183LOT OF 2 stainless steel top tables, 24 in x 24 in and 24 in x 48 in
184LOT OF content on table, butterfly valves with handles, tri-clamp, 3 actuators w valves, 1 actuator
185LOT OF 3 shelf unit, 2 36 in x 14 in x 55 in hgt and 1 36 in x 14 in x 72 in hgt
186LOT OF 5 ,Frigidaire dishwasher, Walmart microwave, Emeril air fryer, Lasko space heater, Yunikly portable steamer
187Justrite 2 drum spill containment pallet with 2 55 gal barrel of Leracid K-MS 10 & CC3800 XP, 4 gallon FLEX ALS
188U-Line pallet jack, model H5387, 5500 lbs capacity
189LOT OF 2 stretch wrapper applicator with 6 replacement rolls
190Titan pallet jack, 5500 lbs
19155 gallon barrel lift cart , 9000 lbs capacity
192EGA Product forktruck man basket lift, 850 lbs capacity, 40 in x 48 in platform area
193LOT OF 2 , 1 stainless steel push cart 18 in x 30 in and 1 stainless steel shelf unit with caster, 60 in x 24 in x 72 in hgt
194LOT OF glasses, 10 oz tulip, 16 oz beer
195TRUE display case refrigerator, 48 in w x 48 in hgt and 21 in d, 115 vac
196Turbo Air display case refrigerator, 24 in w x 63 in hgt x 23 in deep, 115 vac
197LOT OF 2, 1 6 ft x 6 ft barricade and 1 pipe stand
198LOT OF 5, 2 plastic push cart 24 in x 36 in, 1 flat push cart , 1 barrel dolly, 1 aluminum dolly
199LOT OF 13 Regency aluminum construction platform , 24 in x 60 in, model 600DUN24608
200U-Line low profile pallet jack, model H1365, 3300 lbs capacity
201LOT OF 15 5 gallon buckets, 3 waste basket, 3 recyclable bin, 4 wire basket, 7 Brutes, 1 roller around with lid
202LOT OF 7, 3 stools, 2 aluminum chairs , 1 BOOS stainless steel top table 30 in x 48 in, 1 plastic step
203Wood construction bar, 80 in w x 28 in d x 45 in hgt
204LOT OF 3 mop bucket, 2 push brooms, 2 shovels, dust mop, brooms, dust pans
205LOT OF content of cart, Makita rechargeable impact drill and circular saw, Chicago circular sander, electric meter, wrenches, screw driver, misc, NOTE: CART NOT INCLUDED
206U-LINE strapping cart with rachet and crimper, NOTE: RACHET WHEEL IS DISLODGE FROM TOOL
207LOT OF 18, 11 1/2 barrel keg, 4 1/4 barrel keg, 3 beverage keg
208LOT OF 9 SKID OF American Canning Co 16 oz aluminum can, NOTE: NEW
209LOT OF 7 BOXES American Canning Co can lids, 15 stacks per box
210LOT OF PALLET 750 ml glass bottle growler with ceramic resealable cork, 64 case 12 bottle per case
211LOT OF 10 PALLT 12 oz glass slope shoulder bottle, 60 cases per pallet 12 bottle per case
212LOT OF CONTENT OF THE ROOM, pumps, valves, fitting, VFD, respirator, hoses, steam trap, misc
213LOT OF content of shelf, gauges, stainless steel adapters
214LOT OF 12, 5 folding chairs and 5 plastic top folding table, NOTE: 2 TABLE ARE SETUP AND BEING USED WITH TAG
215LOT OF 3 ice cooler with chiller coils and 4 beer dispenser
216LOT OF 23 Ball plastic pallets, 44 in 56 in
217LOT OF 8, 2 31 in x 12 in deep tub, 4 storage totes , 2 19 in x 12 in deep tub
218Eaton inline filter assembly, model EBF-0102-AB07, 100 psi pressure
219Pentair water soften system with 2 120 gallon tanks @ 75 psig, model RT120, serial 564815
220LOT OF 6 , 3 office chair with caster, 2 L-shape wood construction desk 60 in x 58 in x 23 , 1 metal construction desk 36 in x 72
221Nest security camera system
222LOT OF 7, 2 computer monitor 24 in, phone system, Zebra printer, Lenovo laptop computer, keyboard, HP printer
223LOT OF 5 promotional products in nylon carrying bag, 4 banner flag pole, 1 retractable banner system
224LOT OF 2 pallet Westcoast Paper can trays , boxes, insert dividers
225Ace blower system with hose and air knife nozzle, model 73-100, 120 vac
226Stainless steel steam jacketed kettle with pump assembly, 26 in x 23 in deep, Gould pump mode 25T1H2B-6, size 1-1/4 in x 1-1/2 in - 6
227LOT OF content of mezzanine not lotted, pump assemblies, Endress Hauser transmitter, wall struct, VFD , supply bin shelf unit, 3 shelf unit 30 in x 42 in
228LOT OF 3, metal construction desk, computer monitor, metal filing cabinet
229Metal construction clothes locker, 36 in w x 84 in x 15 in d, 6 doors opening 10 in x 40 in
230LOT OF 4, Darby minifrig, Sharp microwave, Black & Decker toaster oven, Lasko fan 115 vac
231Keg Co kegerator with beer dispenser


2021 Terms of Sale Agreement

1. Company Checks, Wire Transfers or Cashiers Checks payable to Schneider Industries Inc. will be accepted. No equipment will be removed from the sale site until payment is received by Schneider Industries. Full payment is due with-in 48 hours of close of sale. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. While descriptions are believed to be correct, the seller's agent or the owners make no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied, as to the genuineness, authenticity of, or defect in any lot and will not be held responsible for advertising discrepancies or inaccuracies. Everything sold "AS IS" and "WHERE IS" except as expressly made in writing. No warranties are made as to the merchantability of any items or their fitness for any purpose.

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4. It is the buyer's responsibility to secure all equipment to meet all applicable government safety standards in using or removing items purchased. All Import, Export, Taxes, Packaging, Rigging & Transportation fees are the buyer`s responsibility. Schneider Industries will provide our customary invoice.

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