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Online Only Consignment Auction – Surplus Assets of Major Hemp/ Cannabis Producers

Assets Located in Multiple Locations in CO

Contact Josh S at with Questions. Features: Pinnacle SRS 100 Solvent Recovery SkidAcross International Vacuum OvensBlue Air Commercial RefrigeratorsNEW Blodgett OvensSavage Bros Gas Candy Stove and Copper Kettles

Mar 4th 2021
1:00 PM America/Chicago




Contact Josh S at with Questions.

300Across International Vacuum Oven, Model# AccuTemp-19t, Serial# 201904083, 110V, 50/60Hz, Single
301Across International Vacuum Oven, Model# AccuTemp-19t, Serial# 201409087, 110V, 50/60Hz, Single
302NEW Metalumen Light Fixtures, Qty 4
303Across International Vacuum Oven, Model# AccuTemp-19t, Serial# 201409075, 110V, 50/60Hz, Single
305Across International Vacuum Oven, Model# AccuTemp-19t, Serial# 201409098, 110V, 50/60Hz, Single
306Across International Vacuum Oven, Model# AccuTemp-19t, Serial# 201409085, 110V, 50/60Hz, Single
307Complete Kiaro Printer w/ Ink and Labels
309Blue Air Commericial Refrigerator, Two Door, Model# BSR49, Serial# BSR2A94J100079, 115V, 60Hz,
310Blue Air Commericial Refrigerator, Single Door, Model# BSR23, Serial# BSR1A94H100028, 115V, 60Hz,
311Across International Vacuum Oven, Model# E44F/C, Serial# 150724E44F/C-20, 110V, 60Hz, Single
312NEW Blodgett Ovens (Stacked), Model# DFG-100-3, Serial# 092217RA010T
314Box of Hypodermic Needles (All Pictured), 19G x 1", Ref# 8300015036,
315Lasco Fittings, 3/4 x 1/2 Tee (802-101), Qty 375
316Spectrum Technologies SI Series pH Meter, Model# SI400, Serial# 20973 (Probe Broken)
317Nordson Optimum Component System (Syringe Barrels and Matching Pistons), Qty 50 boxes, 15/ box.
318Stainless Steel Extraction Tek Rack
319ECO Plus 1/4 HP Water Chiller with Reservoir, 110-120V, 60Hz
320NEW Comstock-Castle Stove, Model# KFHP36-18rev, Serial# 9L636
321NEW Comstock-Castle Stove, Model# KFHP36-18rev, Serial# 9L637
322NEW Copper Pots and Stand, Qty 2 Pots
323NEW Savage Bros Gas Candy Stove, Model# 20B, Serial# 024379, 80,000 BTU/HR
324NEW Savage Bros Gas Candy Stove, Model# 20B, Serial# 024376, 80,000 BTU/HR
325NEW O-Net Automation High Precision Portable Fluid Injection Platfrom, Model# FAME500, Serial#
326NEW Savage Bros Copper Pot Agitator, Model# 1801, Serial# 18-1191, 115V, 60Hz, Single Phase
327Dosatron Chemical Injectors, Qty 3, Model# D14MZ2
328NEW DiversiTech CP-22T Condensate Pump w/ 20" of 3/8" ID Clear Vinyl Tube, 120V, 60 Hz, 22' Lift
329Heat Blanket
330Caresaver Universal Regrigerant Recovery Units, Qty 4, Serial# CS10CC-00047, 115V, 60Hz
331Boldtbags Rasta Bubble Filter Bags, 32 Gallon/ 4 Bag Kit, Qty 11 Boxes
332Stainless Steel Table
333Stainless Steel Table
334Stainless Steel Sink
335CHF Double Tank, Plastic, 500 Gal
336CHF Double Tank, Plastic, 500 Gal
337CHF Tank, 550 Gal, Serial# DOM091014-5
338CHF Tank, 550 Gal, Serial# DOM091014-4
339(LOCATED IN CANADA) Raymond Walkie Straddle Truck, Model# RAS25, Serial# RAS-09-03194, 24V
340ACE Roto-Mold 100 Gallon Container, Serial# OP00100SHSN
341Horti-Control DustShrooms, 12", Qty 3
342Horti-Control DustShrooms, 8", Qty 2
343Twister T4 Cyclone CS12 (for Trim Saver Vacuum) (Missing Hoses), Model# 1205014, Motor 15hp, 60 hz,
345TrimPro Original Workstation (Missing Stand and Bag)
346Scotsman Ice Maker, Model# CU3030MA-1E, Serial# 19061320013547, 115V, 60 Hz, Single Phase
350Twister T2/T4 Quality Control Conveyor (Qty 2)
351Twister T2/T4 Quality Control Conveyor (Qty 2)
352Twister T2/T4 Quality Control Conveyor (Qty 2)
353Twister T2/T4 Quality Control Conveyor (Qty 2)
354Twister T2/T4 Feed Conveyor (Qty 2)
355Twister T2/T4 Feed Conveyor (Qty 2)
356Twister T2/T4 Feed Conveyor (Qty 2)
3573 Shelf Cart, 44" L x 30"W x 47" H, FULL top 52"
3583 Shelf Cart, 44" L x 30"W x 47" H, FULL top 52"
3593 Shelf Cart, 44" L x 30"W x 47" H, FULL top 52"
3602 Shelf Cart, 44" L x 30"W x 47" H, FULL top 52"
3612 Shelf Cart, 44" L x 30"W x 47" H, FULL top 52"
3622 Shelf Cart, 44" L x 30"W x 47" H, FULL top 52"
400NEW Pinnacle SRS100 Solvent Recovery Skid, 100L/hr Solvent Recovery Rate, 208-240V, 3 Phase, 60Hz
401NEW Pinnacle SRS100 Solvent Recovery Skid, 100L/hr Solvent Recovery Rate, 208-240V, 3 Phase, 60Hz
402John Deere 8530 Tractor, Year 2008, 6,084.6 Hours
403Checci and Magli Wolf Pro, 6 Seats, Year 2019 (Only Planted One Season of 70 Acres)
404John Deere RTK Radio 450/ Starfire 3000, GPS Receiver and Radio, INCLUDES ACTIVATION
500U-Line Insulated Containers, Qty 24, Rigging Fee: $10
501American Water Services UV Light Water Purifiers, Model# PT-8, Qty 2, Rigging Fee: $10
502U-Line Single Use Cold Packs, Qty 1 Box, Rigging Fee: $10
503Miscellaneous Honeywell Security Products and Ethernet Surge Protectors (All Pictured), Rigging Fee:
504Purell Soap and Dispenser, Rigging Fee: $10
505WeighMax Pocket Scale, Rigging Fee: $5
506Laddawn Plastic Pallet Toppers, Qty 3 Pallets, 48in x 40in x 70in (1.2m x 1m x 1.8m) 2mil 110/rl,
507Dewalt Ladder
508Air Handling Unit for Trane Air Conditioning Compressor, Model# RAUJC504ED03ABDF0001, Rigging/
509U.S. General Mechanic's Cart on Casters and Contents, 30", 5 Drawer, Rigging Fee: $20
510Red Lion Sump Pumps (Qty 7), Pallet of Lights, Hitches, Landscape Staples, Miscellaneous Hose,
511Vacuum Seal Bags (Qty 1 Box), Digital Thermometers (Qty 5), Extension Cords, Rolls of Mesh
512Dewalt Kerosene Heater and Electric Space Heaters (Qty 2), Rigging Fee $10
514Miscellaneous Cardboard Boxes, Rigging Fee: $35
515Compressed Nitrogen Tanks, Qty 2, Rigging Fee: $10
516Cardboard Boxes, (All Pictured Qty 10) Built Box Dimensions: 46.25" x 38.25" Wide x 16" Deep,
517Cardboard Boxes, 46.25" x 38.25" x 16", Qty 12 Pallets, 90 Boxes per Pallet, Rigging Fee: $90
518Cardboard Slip Sheets 48" x 40" , Qty 7 Pallets, 300 per Pallet, Rigging Fee: $50
519Convex Mirrors (Qty 2)
520Fike Exlposion Resitant Fire Supression Control Unit
521Fike Explosion Protection System and Valve Actuators, Assembly# E70-035-D-W-SBC, Qty 6
522Fike Exlposion Protection System Unit, Assembly# E70-029-SBC, Serial# 1936575-2
523Fike Exlposion Resitant Fire Supression Control Unit and Miscellaneous Parts
524Steel Shelves
525ADrying racks for product, 70" wide x 15" long, QTY 10 Rigging Fee $50
525BDrying racks for product, 70" wide x 15" long, QTY 16 Rigging Fee $50
525CDrying racks for product, 70" wide x 15" long, QTY 15 Rigging Fee $75
525DWooden Tables for Drying Racks for Product, 70" wide x 15" long, QTY 4, Rigging Fee $20
526Franklin Electric Enclosed Industrial Control Panel, No. D58019129, Rigging Fee: $10
528Tarps (All Pictured) (Put in Super Sack), Rigging Fee $10
536Black Diamond Air Compressor, 20 Gal
539Haier Air Conditioning Unit, Model# AW36LP2VHA, Serial# ZH714789H, 208/230V, Rigging Fee: $20


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4. It is the buyer's responsibility to secure all equipment to meet all applicable government safety standards in using or removing items purchased. All Import, Export, Taxes, Packaging, Rigging & Transportation fees are the buyer`s responsibility. Schneider Industries will provide our customary invoice. 

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