Fresh Express

Chicago, IL

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  • To improve efficiencies, Fresh Express closed three leased manufacturing facilities and consolidated operations to a single location in Chicago.
  • Fresh Express’ three leases, all with different landlords, required facilities be returned to their original form. (As if Fresh Express was never there)


  • Fresh Express contracted with Schneider Restoration on a turnkey basis, to manage all aspects of the project including:
    • Equipment transfers to Fresh Express’ new facility
    • Pumping down of all ammonia and other refrigerants
    • Returning all floors, walls, ceilings, and roofs back to their original form
    • Working with sewer, water, and gas utility companies
    • Selling and removing of remaining machinery and equipment

Throughout the entire project Schneider Restoration worked closely with Fresh Express’s engineering group to insure all details were reviewed prior to implementation.


"Fresh Express hired Schneider Industries to clean out three, large, leased, Chicagoland facilities, while Fresh Xpress moved into one modern plant in order to increase efficiencies. The project goal was to return the facilities back to the landlords’ specifications. Schneider’s responsibilities included rigging and moving equipment to our new site, pumping down ammonia, repairing floors, walls and ceilings, utility management including, gas, electric, sewer and water. As well as remove hangers, piping and large banana wooden storage units. All while being completed in the time allotted. I would recommend Schneider Industries for any Facility Management Restoration Services."

Managing Engineer
Fresh Express