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It is common for companies to have surplus assets such as equipment and commercial real estate. However, if left unused, they might depreciate in value. Selling your assets and inventory is one of the ways you can recoup the costs of surplus inventory.

Schneider Industries has been helping corporations manage surplus assets and liquidate inventory for over 20 years. Companies like Emerson Electric, Kraft Foods, and others around the world depend on Schneider Industries to liquidate factory equipment, hold auctions for commercial industrial inventory, and turn commercial real estate properties into liquid assets.

What Sets Schneider Industries Apart?
When you work with Schneider Industries, you work with a team of leading professionals dedicated to managing surplus assets. Our proven ability to help companies manage asset liquidation and property auctions allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge and dedication to work for you. We work tirelessly to come up with creative solutions when you wish to liquidate your assets or auction properties to the highest bidder.

We offer the following services:

Asset Liquidation
If you are closing your retail store, liquidating a business, or your existing business needs collateral for expansion, asset liquidation may be the best way to produce a healthy balance sheet and prioritize your existing assets. The asset liquidators at Schneider Industries understand your needs and work to come up with a customized solution to liquidate assets in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Inventory Liquidation
Even a business with good financial standing may come upon hard times or acquire too much inventory that needs to go before it continues to lose value. We provide inventory liquidation for a variety of needs. Turn your unnecessary goods into cash with help from our inventory liquidators. Learn more.

Commercial Industrial Auctioneers & Liquidation
From corporate buildings, to factories, commercial liquidators provide guidance for companies that need to liquidate an assortment of equipment and properties. Our factory liquidators market and auction your large-scale equipment, machinery, and other commercial assets that you have invested in your company and no longer need.

Commercial Real Estate Auctioneers
When it comes to real estate values, time is money. The longer you hold onto an unused property, the longer its value fluctuates, often resulting in lost value.

With the experience and know-how to market commercial real estate properties, the team at Schneider Industries provides marketing expertise to put your property up to bid in a traditional listing, onsite auctions, or through a sealed bid where the auction participants provide the auctioneer their bids without knowledge of each other’s bids.

Whatever solution you determine is best, we provide the necessary assistance to auction commercial properties quickly in any part of the world. If your property also includes other assets and inventory, we can sell them separately or as part of the property auction.

Schneider Industries is your global solution for managing surplus equipment, real estate, and other assets that you seek to liquidate or auction. Contact Schneider Industries today to learn more about our services.

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Schneider Industries welcomes the opportunity to work with you and your firm! If you have assets to liquidate beyond your capacity, please contact us to partner with you!

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