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Schneider Industries (SI) was founded in 1993 by Bruce Schneider. Our goal is to assist corporations in managing their surplus assets, including equipment and real estate.

Over the years, Schneider Industries has grown to become one of the most recognized companies in its industry. Our personnel and work ethics combine experience, integrity, transparency, professionalism, creativity, and commitment. These features have helped to make SI the number one choice to manage surplus assets for over 750 companies such General Mills, Anheuser-Busch, Kraft Foods, Grupo Herdez, and Emerson Electric, to name a few.

Our staff is dedicated to professionalism at every stage of each project.

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Examples of Schneider Industries Projects

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  • ADM chose SI to manage the liquidation of 2 Golden Peanut Facilities.
  • SI Managed the sale of equipment for Nestle Purina Pet Care in Canada.
  • 5 Day 3,000 lot Auction for General Mills, Inc.
  • Kraft Heinz contracted SI to manage the transfer of equipment and sale of surplus assets during the Kraft Heinz and Oscar Meyer consolidation.


  • City of Shelby, Ohio selects SI to sell Coal-Fired Power Plant


  • SI marketed and sold a 300,000 Sq. Ft. plant for Philip Morris in Guatemala.


  • MillerCoors® has chosen SI as their Brewery Operations Partner of the year for 2013.


  • Through a two-phase program, SI marketed and sold Enerdel’s lithium ion production facility.


  • Energizer contracted with SI to take advantage of our worldwide capabilities for sales in the Philippines and Switzerland.
  • Lubbock National Bank contracted with SI to sell the real estate and equipment of the Cargill wet corn mill  in Dimmitt, Texas.
  • Whitney National Bank hired SI to sell the South Louisiana Ethanol facility through a sealed bid sale. They received three bids; the highest was greater than $1 million over the appraised value.


  • Through an orderly negotiated sale and and with both a live onsite and an internet auction, SI successfully sold Ach Foods edible shortening facility in Champaign, IL including the equipment and real estate.


  • Schneider Industries marketed and offered an ongoing pet treat business for MGP Ingredients, located in Kansas City.  The entire package including equipment, real estate, intellectual property (IP), and customer lists was successfully sold to Sergeant’s.


  • Thermadyne, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  hired SI to manage the sale of their entire facility including real estate. The sale was a great success, exceeding all expectations.
  • Grupo Herdez appointed SI as its investment recovery company for their idle assets.  Since then we have managed many equipment and real estate sales.
  • The Bank of Oelwein (IA) contracted SI to sell Oelwein Industries, manufacturers of heavy duty tool chests and cabinets.  We  secured a buyer from Minnesota and successfully closed the sale.


  • Schneider Industries managed the sale of a second St Louis stadium, Busch Stadium, the home of the Cardinals. Since then, our list has grown to include Tiger Stadium in Detroit and Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, TX.
  • Allbrands Equipment Company signed an agreement with SI, and, within two months, we sold all their designated equipment and real estate.


  • We opened an SI office in Mexico in order to better manage our rapidly growing Latin American business. Since then, SI has managed over 25 sales for Emerson Electric, Grupo Herdez, M & M Mars, Berry Plastics, Campbell’s Soup and other corporations with interests in Latin America.


  • Schneider Industries incorporated online bidding through the internet as part of our sales techniques. This innovation has brought us closer to buyers and sellers around the world, from as far north as Russia and Canada and as far south as Australia, South Africa, and Argentina.


  • We began our long-standing relationship with General Mills when they granted us their first project. Since then Schneider Industries has been managing all their surplus equipment through auctions and orderly negotiated sales.


  • SI’s first project was for the Beech Nut Baby Food division of Ralston Purina, located in San Jose, CA.
  • The owners of the St. Louis Arena asked SI to auction all the assets including the arena seats, scoreboards, zamboni, dasher boards, memorabilia, and the stadium. Everything sold!