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Idle assets hold great value, so does your time and effort.
Let Schneider Industries tailor an investment recovery program to fit your corporate needs.
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Customized service plans make Schneider Industries a leader in corporate asset management. Schneider Industries with its worldwide presence coordinates the sale, acquisition, inventory tracking, and inter-company transfer of all types of idle assets from a single piece of equipment to an entire manufacturing facility – including real estate.

Production Management Specialists from Schneider Industries work hand in hand with Corporate Engineers and Financial Departments insuring the implementation and success of the projects. Some of our current clients include General Mills, Anheuser-Busch and Grupo Herdez.

These services include, but are not limited to:

Inter-Company Transfers

Timely and properly identified surplus equipment reduces costs by making equipment available to the entire company.  Many times the right piece of equipment can be found idle in another one of the company’s plants or at a nearby location.

Our team will work with your company’s representatives in order to better account for all transfers and warehoused equipment.  To assist in the management of all equipment accurate asset tracking is required.  Accurate tracking involves the detailed description of machinery including equipment type, manufacturer, and process/application including capacity/speed and/or other operating parameters, as well as properly identifying surplus equipment through photo ID.

The more thoroughly available equipment is documented the more efficiently it can be identified as being useable at other facilities. After an available piece of equipment’s usefulness is identified Schneider Industries will manage the shipping process domestically and internationally or will warehouse the equipment in storage for future use.

Real Estate Sales

Schneider Industries has been successful in selling real estate across the United States, Brazil and Mexico. Real Estate is sold ‘Subject to Seller Confirmation”. The seller has the right to accept or reject any offer presented.

Procurement of Equipment

Schneider Industries works with companies in the procurement of both new and used assets. Schneider Industries works as the company’s agent in negotiating the best price and timing for its clients.

Once the correct equipment has been found Schneider Industries will inspect the equipment, provide the earnest money deposit followed by a full payment to seller, and then arrange shipping to the appropriate facility.

Decommissioning Projects

Schneider Industries will get maximum values for surplus assets not transferred to other plant locations. We will remove all equipment, machinery, pipes, and electrical from building and leave the building in a clean and orderly condition in accordance with the terms and conditions set by your company, all the while accomplishing these objectives at the lowest possible cost.

Equipment Inventory and Valuations

Schneider Industries valuation services provides valuation, audit, and sale advice for machinery & equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, intangible assets, and real estate.

The steps in a typical machinery and equipment appraisal assignment include:

  • Identifying the assets to be appraised
  • Defining the purpose of the appraisal
  • Establishing the valuation date for the appraisal
  • Determining the appropriate valuation concepts and approaches to be utilized
  • Determining the type of valuation study to be completed
  • Selecting the type of appraisal report to be provided

Engineering Assistance

Schneider Industries works with companies in the design and engineering of new production lines or plants. We work with the current companies engineering firms to ensure our clients receive the most competitive bids on engineering services and equipment installations.