Distressed Industrial Real Estate Acquisition

Here at Schneider Industries, we are committed to helping companies move forward, that’s why we work with sellers who want to transfer their distressed industrial real estate or property asset. We have the resources to provide the best possible solution and acquire your industrial site(s) efficiently.

What is a Distressed Real Estate Property?

No matter what the reason is for wanting to sell your asset, we can evaluate the site and determine the highest and best offer for acquisition.

Distressed industrial properties are often the following:
  • Environmentally challenged
  • Underperforming
  • Underutilized
  • Abandoned
  • Experiencing negative cash flow

We Do The Hard Work For You

Schneider Industries makes the acquisition process simple for industrial site sellers. What we can do for you is:

  • Provide the needed capital to jumpstart distressed real estate.
  • Close difficult transactions quickly.
  • Take on the full legal liability of environmental and corporate risk.
  • Apply appropriate tools to manage liabilities that are:
    1. Known/Unknown
    2. Above/At/Below grade
    3. On/Off-site
    4. Past/Present/Future

What are Brownfield Properties?

One of the most common acquisition projects is called “Brownfield Redevelopment”. Brownfields are distressed industrial facilities in which redevelopment is oftentimes burdened by environmental contamination of hazardous substances, pollutants, petroleum, or other contaminants.

Not only does restoring brownfields improve the local environment by cleaning up contamination, but it also transforms abandoned or underused sites into beneficial assets for the community. If you are looking to transfer the environmental liability of your industrial property, we can develop a revitalized solution that will produce a positive outcome for all.