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Commercial Real Estate Auctions

As a business owner, you want to provide great products and services, but you also want to maximize the value of your operations and your assets. When it comes time to sell or otherwise liquidate the buildings and other real estate assets your business owns, getting the most for your money and the highest possible return on your investment is critical.

Business owners have a number of options at their disposal when selling their commercial real estate properties, but getting fair market value in a quick and efficient manner may seem like an impossible task. In many cases, the most efficient form of cash infusion is with a real estate auction.

Schneider Industries has been providing exceptional commercial real estate auction services all over the country for years and we can help you and your business! Contact us today for expert auction management of your commercial real estate property.

Commercial Real Estate Property Liquidators

Whether you want to balance the books or invest in other areas of your business, a commercial real estate auction can be the way to go. Auctions offer a great way for sellers to connect with buyers and receive fair bids that turn their real estate into liquid assets. Sellers gain an advantage with an auction as it can drive competition for their property and bring true value to their assets.


Our experience managing surplus assets and inventory liquidation brings a wealth of knowledge to sellers with properties they want to liquidate into cash. The team at Schneider Industries understands that your needs are unique to your situation and we work to make your auction experience as painless as possible. No matter your goals or your industry, we can come up with a plan to evaluate your property and special needs in preparing your marketing plan.

Some of the most common commercial real estate properties we auction include:

  • Industrial buildings – From manufacturing facilities to modern factories, industrial buildings often find themselves on the auction block. These real estate property auctions can give established businesses the cash they need to expand their operations and give new business owners the space they need to get their ideas off the ground. 
  • Warehouses – Manufacturing businesses that are downsizing may auction off their excess warehouses, turning that extra space into cash and giving those old warehouses a new lease on life. 
  • Office buildings – The way people work is changing fast, and that has altered the landscape for office workers. As more and more companies ramp up their work-from-home offerings and expand telecommuting, excess office space can sit unused for months or even years. When that happens, commercial real estate auctioneers can turn that excess office space into cash, giving business owners a cash infusion. 
  • Shopping centers – As shopping continues to move online, the owners of shopping malls are looking for new options for their facilities, and commercial real estate auctioneers are there to help. Whether the shopping centers on the auction block find new life as residential and dining spaces or open up with a host of new specialty shops, the property transfer can be good for everyone involved. 
  • Apartment buildings – Our experienced auction company can get your apartment building in front of the right buyers and gain a profit. Landlords and commercial real estate owners can liquidate their excess property by putting their apartment buildings on the auction block.
  • Special purpose properties – Many buildings in the commercial space have a set use, from apartment buildings designed to house young professionals to warehouses designed to hold products until they are needed. But some buildings have a more specialized purpose, and when they hit the market they are often in high demand. A good real estate company can see the value in those special purpose properties, helping business owners realize the greatest value for their holdings. 
  • Underdeveloped land – Not all commercial real estate property has buildings on them, and not all assets are currently being used to their full potential. Our real estate auction company also specializes in undeveloped and underdeveloped land and if your business is sitting on a parcel of underdeveloped land, a real estate auction could turn that lot into the cash you need to advance your operations.  

Experienced Commercial Real Estate Auctioneers

Selling your commercial real estate assets at auction can have a wide variety of benefits for business owners. A commercial real estate auction can provide instant results, turning an asset your business no longer needs into the money it does!

Contact Schneider Industries today for commercial real estate auction services you can rely on!