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Live Onsite & Online Auction for Wood Pellet Plant Go Green Partners, L.P

Modern Wood Pellet Plant in Paige, TX

State-of-the-Art Wood Pellet Mill For Sale in Paige, TX

-25 Tons / Hour

-New in 2012

-Equipment and Real Estate offered as package or separate.


Live On-Site Auction with Online Bidding

Began: Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 10:00 AM CST

Location: Paige., TX 78659

Location:  Paige, TX 78659


Began: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 10:00 AM CST

Ended: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 5:00 PM CST

Or By Appointment:
Contact us at info@schneiderind.com

Location: Paige., TX 78659


Began: Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 8:00 AM CST

Ended: Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 10:00 AM CST

Or By Appointment:
Contact us at info@schneiderind.com

Location: Paige., TX 78659






By order of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas under Case Number 16-42250
styled In re Go Green Partners, L.P.,
Schneider Industries announces the sale of the plant assets and real property of Go Green Partners, L.P.
The assets and real property will be sold free and clear of liens, claims, and encumbrances pursuant to a
Bankruptcy Court order.

Location Information
Go Green Partners LP is located near US Hwy 290 in Paige, TX. This is near the intersection of Hwy 21 and US Hwy 290 in Paige, Texas. The 80 acres are bounded by US Hwy 290, Old Highway 20 and Dallas Street.

Business Information
Go Green Partners LP started construction of the plant in late 2012 and completed construction in 2013. The wood pellet operation continued until September of 2015 when the plant was idled.

Auction Information:  Assets & Real Estate are offered for sale in bulk or separate on at Auction.  Auction Date is February 22, 2018 at 10:00 am.  Bidders may bid live onsite or online via Bidspotter.com.  The entire Auction Catalog and Terms and Conditions of Auction Sale are on Bidspotter.com link below. joshb@schneiderind.com / 314-863-7711

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Inspection visits available by appointment only. Open house inspection on day before Auction and morning of Auction.


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*Most all equipment new in 2012-2013. 









1. Chipping Process

  • Assorted Group of Wood Debarking and Chipping Equipment from Progress Industries
  • 2013 125' 20-Ton Circulating Traveling Log Crane., Progress Industries
  • 60' Drum Infeed Conveyor, 50HP, Progress Industries
  • 9' x 60' Drum Debarker, Progress Industries
  • 35' Drum Outfeed Conveyor, Progress Industries
  • 47' Chipper Infeed Conveyor, Progress Industries
  • 116" Disc Waste Wood Chipper, 300 RPM, 12 Knife. Includes 1,750 HP GE Induction Motor, extra blades & spare parts.
  • 100' 3.5'W Belt Conveyor, w/Steel Walkway, Progress Industries
  • End of Debarking and Chipping Equipment

2. Raw Product Process

  • Assorted Group of Raw Product Processing Equipment
  • 60' Orthman Leveling Auger, Installed on Steel Support 200' Above Laidig Pit
  • 30' Laidig Circular Auger/Reclaim System, 100HP Motor. Located in 60' diameter concrete pit
  • Tecweigh Weighing Bin w/Scale w/Techweigh 20 Weight Processor
  • 100'L Conveyor 3.5'W Belt, Progress Industries
  • Bliss Ceramic Stainless Steel Plate Magnet
  • 5 x 10 Hi-Speed Chip Screen, Progress Industries
  • Bliss Wet Wood (Green) Hammermill, w/WEG 600HP Motor (m:60018ETG586), 1800 RPM
  • Kice Cyclone Collector w/Vortex Chamber (M71 B16-2, VL30x 016), Steel, 11,000 CFM
  • Kice Airlock VL36 x 20
  • Kice 75 HP Fan Motor
  • End of Raw Product Processing Equipment

3. Drying Process

  • Assorted Group of Drying System Equipment
  • M-E-C Rotary Dryer, 45,000 O.D. lb/hr Throughput, 40 MMBTU/Hr Heat Input, 60HP Power. w/Thermec Burner Assembly (m:48-PS, 662PG-600)
  • Dryer Recycle Damper
  • Dryer I.D. Fan, 10,000 CFM, 1058 RPM, Industrial Air Products
  • M-E-C Primary Product Collectors, Quad 96"dia UHE Collectors, 200'H Support Frame and Access.
  • Steel Supprt Structure for Dryer, I.D. Fan, Etc.
  • M-E-C  200' 66"dia Discharge Stack to Atmosphere
  • Dryer Stack Back Pressure Damper, NF
  • 60"dia Duct to Product Collectors, Collector to Dryer I.D. Fan, Dryer I.D. Fan to Recycle Bustle and Stack to Atmosphere, 
  • M-E-C Collector Discharge Hood w/Pressure Relief
  • M-E-C Collector Wye Transition
  • Propane Tank, Horizontal
  • End of Drying System Equipment

4. Dust Collection Process

  • Assorted Group of System Dust Collection Equipment
  • Mac Process 609"H x 168"dia Small Baghouse, Unit Includes 185 16oz. Dynamic Filter Bags
  • Mac Process Small Baghouse Airlock
  • Small Baghouse Reverse Air Blower
  • Mac Process Pump Package
  • Mac Process 623"H x 246"dia Big Baghouse, Unit Includes 828 16oz Dacron Polyester Snap Band Type Filter Bags, Unit Includes Sprinklers
  • Mac Process Big Baghouse Airlock
  • Big Baghouse Reverse Air Blower
  • M-E-C Dry Fuel Hammermill (9,500 CFM, 3600 RPM, 75HP)
  • 70 cu.ft. Dry Fuel Metering Bin w/Live Bottom Feeder
  • Meyer 12 x 12 Wood Fuel Metering Airlock
  • M-E-C Fuel Line Skid for Burner
  • Stoddard Silencers 
  • Gardner Denver Sutorbilt Burner Fuel Blower from Main Fuel Bin Compressor
  • Air Pro System Filter Fan w/Baldor Motor (s/n: A1306122040)
  • Air Pro 2013 System Filter 2 Fan w/Baldor Motor (A1305242076)
  • Industrial Air Products Combustion Air Fan, 18000 CFM, 1771 RPM
  • End of System Dust Collection Equipment

5. Pellet Mills

  •  Assorted Group of Wood Pellet Manufacturing and Storage Equipment
  • 2000 cu.ft. Hammermill Metering Bin (Raw Material Storage Day Hopper). Includes One Outlet w/Feed Screw for Hammermills
  • Progress Industries 6 x 12 Single-Double Screen A & B
  • Bliss Finish Hammermill w/600HP WEG Motor, 1800 RPM, Double Grind, ERD 4460-TF
  • Ceramic Stainless Steel Plate Magnet
  • Kice Cyclone Collector, Carbon Steel
  • Kice Airlock VL36x20
  • Kice Lift Fan, 75HP, 1800 RPM, 365T, TEFC, 230/460/3/60 Energy Efficient Motor
  • Kice Fines Airlock
  • Kice Fines Fuel Diverter Valve
  • 8' x 8' x 15' Metering/Feed Bin w/Level Screws and Feeders. 70deg Hopper w/(2) Pant Leg Outlets w/Feed Screws
  • (qty 5) Bliss Pellet Mills, 4.5-5.5 TPH Capacity, (2) 300HP Motors per mill, 1200RPM, TEFC Enclosure, Model # Pioneer-200B-120, Serial # (qty 5) 3164; 3165; 3166; 3167, 3168 (All Mills  have low housr b/w 2,074 and 3,125 Hours )
  • (qty 5) Bliss Feeders for Pellet Mills, FC-1896
  • Bliss Pellet Cooling Tower, 217"H x 128"dia
  • Finished Pellet Screener, Hi Speed, Twin Deck Screen. Four Drum Two Screen Gentle Roll, Progress Industries
  • Kice Cyclone Collector, 2500CFM
  • Kice Airlock
  • Kice 75hp Lift Fan
  • Kice Cooler Fan
  • Bucket Elevator
  • 700 Ton Capacity Silo, w/12' x 14' Drive Opening, USA Tank
  • End of Pellet Manufacturing and Storage

6. Support Equipment

  • Air Compressors
  • Atlas Copco 2013 Compressor GA22+
  • Atlas Copco 2013 Refrigerated Dryer CD80+
  • Lab and Control Room
  • Assorted Computers, Monitors, Office Furniture, Small Lab Testing equipment
  • MCC Room
  • Assorted Group of 2013 Allen Bradley Motor Control Center, Switchgear and Software. Includes, But Is Not Limited To, Centerline 2100 MCC; Centerline 2500; Control System Package Using ControlLogix PLC.
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • 2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit for Control Room
  • Air Conditioning Unit for the Office
  • 1.2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit in MCC
  • Spare Parts
  • Weg 300HP Motor
  • Assorted Group of Hammermill Screens.
  • Assorted Group of Hammermill Replacements
  • Assorted Group of Pellet Mill Dies
  • Assorted Blades for Chipper
  • Assorted Misc. spare parts.