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Taper Candle Extruder:

Taper Candle Extruder

Spray Drum:

Spray Drum

Pillar Extruder:

Pillar Extruder

Drawing Machine:

Drawing Machine

Carrier Evergreen Chiller:

Carrier Evergreen Chiller

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Negotiated Sale: Available Immediately

Weissbach Candle Manufacturing and Plant Support Equipment

Surplus Assets to the Ongoing Operations of a Major Candle Manufacturer. Please contact Josh at joshs@schneiderind.com for pricing or more information.


Available Immediately!

Contact Josh at joshs@schneiderind.com for more information.

1) Weissbach Pillar Extruding Line

2) Weissbach Votive Press

3) Weissbach Taper Extruding Line, 16 Up Over Dipper

4) Weissbach Powder Production Drum, 800 Kg/h (Qty 10)

5) Weissbach Continuous Drawing Machine

6) GE Transformer, SN P104153-DS00778001

7) Fork Truck Battery Charging Station

8) Hyster E50XL-33 Electric Forklift, SN C100VI050SK 

9) Overhead Crane, 4000LB Capacity

10) Bale Breaker

11) Marley Cooling Tower, Model NC7221GS, SN 117808-001-97

12) Paper Shredder 

13) Steelcraft Dust Collector

14) United Technologies Carrier Centrifugal Water Chiller, Model 19DK71313CM, SN 41681

15) Kewanee Boiler, Model HM884, SN 19564

16) Ajax Boiler, Model WRFC-3770, SN 64854

17) Carrier Evergreen Chiller, Model 23XR5050NTRRCC5, SN 69630