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Yale Lift Truck:

Yale Lift Truck

Media Blast Booth:

Media Blast Booth

Life Fitness Treadmill:

Life Fitness Treadmill

Tiger Vacum:

Tiger Vacum

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Online Only Auction - Surplus Assets of The Boeing Co.

Surplus to the Ongoing Operations in St. Louis MO & Charleston SC

Auction Items Include: Life Fitness Treadmills, Christie Projector, Tri-Wall Lenses, Storage Cabinets, EPE Computer Power Center, ARO Feed Drills & Riveters, Elpac Power & Air Units & Genie Lift

Online Bidding Only

Began: Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 10:00 AM CDT

Ends: Tuesday, October 08, 2019 at 10:00 AM CDT

Location:  Multiple Locations,  Charleston, SC,  Boston, MA &,  Saint Louis, MO 63042


All items subject to prior sale or transfer. Bulk Lot Proposals Are Encouraged. Lots are to be sold as is where is. 

Inspection Day is October 7th from 8 am to 3 pm by appointment only. Please email Riley at rileym@schneiderind.com to set up an appointment.

Winners will be contacted beginning October 9th with instructions to schedule an appointment for removal. 

Small items can be hand-carried from the facility.

Please be aware of lot location, some lots are located in Charleston SC & Boston MA

Lot # Description 
1 Buehler Micromet 2, Digital Micro Hardness Tester Microscope & Wilson Hardness Tester
2 460v 3ph Disc Sander
3 Smaller Pneumatic ARO Air Riveter, Qty. 17
4 Pneumatic ARO Air Riveter, Qty. 44 Approx.
5 Pneumatic ARO Air Riveter & Folding Table
6 Storage Cabinet
7 (2) Storage Cabinets
8 Life Fitness Elliptical Machine
9 Yale Lift Truck
10 Presto Lift
11 (5) Gould Permanet Magnet Servo Motors
12 Big Joe Lift
13 Pallet of Backdrop Curtains
14 Pallet of Assorted Circuit Breakers, Small GE Transformers, Switch Gear & More
15 Pallet of Crimps
16 Blue M Overn, Model IR 100
17 Storage Container
18 Life Fitness Treadmill
19 Life Fitness Treadmill
20 Christie HD6K Projector
21 Pallet of Misc. Cleaning & Protection Equipment
22 Detecto Scale
23 Yellow Shop Cart
24 Blue Shop Cart
25 Wheeled Storage Racks
26 Wheeled Storage Racks
27 Wheeled Storage Racks
28 Storage Cabinet w/ Filing Dividers
29 Wheeled Shop Cart
30 Wheeled Shop Cart
31 Storage Tote
32 Storage Tote
33 Storage Tote
34 (2) Boxes of Assorted Sized Drill Bits
35 Tri-Wall Lenses
36 Tri-Wall Lenses
37 Pallet of EDL Displays Inc. Monitors Qty. 5
38 Tri-Wall Lenses
39 Wheeled Cart
40 Yellow Shop Cart
41 Pallet of Adjustable HD Series Extender Arms
42 Pallet of Production Equipment
43 Small Transformer (AD)
44 Yellow Shop Cart w/ Luber Finer Filters, Bearings & Misc. Hand Tools
45 Flex Track
46 Box of Oblong Chain Master Links
47 Disassembled Desk
48 Disassembled Desk
49 Disassembled Desk
50 Disassembled Desk
51 (4) Large Wheels
52 (3) Storage Boxes
53 Misc. Production Gear
54 (2) Storage Cabinets
55 Kennedy Storage Cabinet
56 Skilsaw, Clamps, Tool Box, Scissors, High Flow Drum Pump
57 Chains & Reel
58 Pallet of Omnidirectional Antenna, Model #HG1911V-PRO
59 Disassembled Desk
60 Desk
61 Disassembled Desk
62 Yellow Shop Cart w/ Misc. Valves
63 Yellow Shop Cart w/ Misc. Parts
64 Desk, 60 In. Tall x 72 In. Long x 30 In. Wide
65 Disassembled Desk
66 Disassembled Desk
67 (5) Storage Container Boxes
68 Safe
69 Safe/Filing Cabinet
70 Safe/Filing Cabinet
71 Desk
72 Desk
73 Desk
74 (2) Desk
75 Steel Cable
76 Hose Tubing
77 Trim USA Perimeter Trim System
78 Filing Cabinet W/ Safe
79 Filing Cabinet W/ Safe
80 Filing Cabinet W/ Safe
81 Filing Cabinet W/ Safe
82 EPE Computer Power Center
83 EPE Computer Power Center
84 (2) Large Shipping/Storage Containers
85 (3) Tables
86 Chain Hoist
87 Welch Duo-Seal Vacum Pump
88 Yellow Shop Cart w/ Pallet of ARO Feed Drills
89 Yellow Shop Cart w/ Pallet of ARO Feed Drills
90 Table of ARO Feed Drills
91 Box of ARO Feed Drills
92 Table of ARO Feed Drills
94 Life Fitness Elliptical Machine
95 Gary Safe
96 (4) Elpac Power & Air Units, Lots Located In Charleston SC
97 Caldwell Group 9 Dacl-2-42 Lifting Device, Lots Located In Charleston SC
98 Tiger Vac-Explosion Proof, (Located in Charleston SC)
99 Genie Lift, Lot Located In Charleston SC
100 Life Fitness Treadmill, Lot Located In Charleston SC
101 Plastic Media Blast Booth, Double Door Access W/ Glove Box & View Panel, 200'' L x 118'' W x 120'' H
102 Donaldson Torit Dust Collector, Lot Located In Charleston SC
111 Malabar International Hydraulic Flush Test Cart
130 Crown Tow Tractor, Model #RT4500, (Item Located in Boston MA)
131 Crown Tow Tractor, Model #RT4500, (Item Located in Boston MA)
132 Crown Tow Tractor, Model #RT4500, (Item Located in Boston MA)
133 Crown Tow Tractor, Model #RT4500, (Item Located in Boston MA)
134 Doosan Pallet Jack, (Lot Located in Boston MA)
135 Yale Forklift (Needs New Battery), (Lot located in Boston MA)