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Complete Brewhouse for MicroBrewery --15bbl 2-vessel -- Located Montreal, CN

Available Immediately! First Come, First Served!


 15bbl 2-vessel brewhouse -- immediate availability!

Location:  MicroBrewery owned by Major Brewer,  Montreal, QC


Assets Available for Immediate Purchase!!

Please Contact Josh B. at 314-863-7711 or joshb@schneiderind.com


15bbl 2 vessel brewhouse

Insulated Mash/lauter tun with false bottom, motorized rakes, and grain out door on side

Steam jacketed (2 jackets side and bottom) kettle with tangential entry for whirlpool recirculation

Integrated boil over probe with automatic steam cut off for kettle

Control panel for all pumps (VFD), steam solenoids, and temperature probes





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FAQ’s about the Equipment. (Answers come from Brewmaster):

1)  Overall dimensions of the Brewhouse? Footprint is 16’ x 10’,  Height is 10′. This includes the steam pipes as currently configured, and the stairs.


2) Are there hard-piped lines from the mash tun to the kettle?  (Assuming not. Please verify) One hard-pipe, so easily replaced to reconfigure the two tanks’ positions if desired.


3) Is it Installed and currently Running? What efficiency do you average?  Why is the unit being sold?     Yes.  Installed and We’re currently running around 85%. Unit is being sold b/c Plant is upgrading to larger system.

4) What Type, Size Heat Exchanger? Alfa-Laval M6 MFG (detailed spec sheet available upon request)

5) What size Glycol Unit for Heat Exchange?  Like most breweries, we use cold water in order to recover the energy from the hot wort. I wouldn’t be able to say what size glycol chiller would be necessary, but cooling 15bbls of boiling wort quickly using glycol would be a very intense load.