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Preferred Rigging Option: Huddleston Machinery Moving, Contact Dave Huddleston, (816) 231-4147 Self Rigging is allowed for this auction, all rigging teams must have at least a 2 million dollar general liability insurance policy to remove anything bigger than a hand-carry item away from the building.  Currently, Accepting Offers on Complete Package, Drying Lines & Individual...

May 5th 2021
2:00 PM America/Chicago
Industrial Machinery & Equipment > Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

Complete Package: Brand Name: Wheat Nuts & Nadanut website Nadanut & Wheat Nut recipes The entirety of factory equipment…


Line #1, Food Processing Dryer Pre-dryer Former Pillsbury Proprietary Process


Line 2: Food Processing Dryer (More Info to be added soon) Former Pillsbury Proprietary Process


Wesco Pallet Jack


Cat Fork Lift, Model # 2C5000, S/N #AT9033292, Truck Weight = 8860 lbs


Eoslift Pallet Jack


Fitz-Mill Comminutor, Code #DASO-3


Extruder with Sterling Power Drive System


3M-Matic Case Sealer Parts Machine, Model #200A-Adjustable Case Sealer


Rack of Stainless Steel Filter Screens (fits shaker tables lots 22 or 30)


SkyJack Man Lift, Model #SJIII-3219, S/N #22004825


Penco Grey Pallet Racking (DOES NOT Include Contents)


Weltem Portable Air Conditioner, Model #292660, S/N #GM311804064


Grey Shop Cabinet


(2) Filing Cabinets


Wood Shop Cabinet


Tru-Balance Sifter & Funneling Tank


Mobile Material Conveyor System


Mettler Toledo Floor Scale, Model #2181, Capacity 200 lbs


Little Giant Step Up Stairs


Small Kettle Tank


Ribbon Blender


J.H. Day Steam-Jacketed Ribbon Blender, S/N #82854, Shell Work Press #ATMOS.


Vibratory Conveyor


Preferred Rigging Option: Huddleston Machinery Moving, Contact Dave Huddleston, (816) 231-4147

Self Rigging is allowed for this auction, all rigging teams must have at least a 2 million dollar general liability insurance policy to remove anything bigger than a hand-carry item away from the building. 

Currently, Accepting Offers on Complete Package, Drying Lines & Individual Lots

Complete Package Includes:

Brand Name: Wheat Nuts & Nadanut website

Nadanut & Wheat Nut recipes

The entirety of factory equipment including dryer and oven lines. Former Pillsbury Proprietary Process & Brand Name for a unique Nut-Free "Nut" Snack Product

Additional Photos are Available on Request! For More Information Contact:

Auction Lots

Number.  Title
0A. Line #1, Food Processing Dryer, Prey-dryer, Forming Extruder, Former Pillsbury Proprietary Process
0B. Line 2: Food Processing Dryer, Former Pillsbury Proprietary Process
0C. Bundle Lot (58, 75, 117): Automation Controls Electrical Control Panel, Yokogawa Flow Meter)
1. Wesco Pallet Jack
2. Cat Fork Lift, Model # 2C5000, S/N #AT9033292, Truck Weight = 8860 lbs
3. Eoslift Pallet Jack
4. Fitz-Mill Comminutor, Code #DASO-3
5. Extruder with Sterling Power Drive System
7. 3M-Matic Case Sealer Parts Machine, Model #200A-Adjustable Case Sealer
8. Rack of Steel Filter Screens
9. SkyJack Man Lift, Model #SJIII-3219, S/N #22004825
10. Penco Grey Pallet Racking (DOES NOT Include Contents)
11. Weltem Portable Air Conditioner, Model #292660, S/N #GM311804064
12. Grey Shop Cabinet
13. (2) Filing Cabinets
14. Wood Shop Cabinet
15. Tru-Balance Sifter & Funneling Tank
16. Mobile Material Conveyor System
17. Mettler Toledo Floor Scale, Model #2181, Capacity 200 lbs
18. Little Giant Step Up Stairs
19. Small Kettle Tank
20. Ribbon Blender
21.J.H. Day Steam-Jacketed Ribbon Blender, S/N #82854, Shell Work Press #ATMOS.
22. Vibratory Conveyor
23. Incline Bucket Conveyor
24. Tumbler & Depositor
25. Material Conveyor System
26. Mettler Toledo Scale
27. Material Processing Conveyor
28. ThermoFisher Apex500 Metal Detector
29. Incline Material Processing Conveyor
30. Cardwell Vibratory Conveyor, Model #VC-1659, S/N #873-075
31. Funneling Bin
32. Bucket Elevator
33. Eriez Vibratory Conveyor
35. Walk-Up Ladder
36. Funneling Apparatus
37. Bucket Elevator
38. Funneling Bin
39. Vibratory Conveyor
40. Funneling Bin
41. Vibratory Conveyor
42. Funneling Bin
43. Material Processing Conveyor
44. ThermoFisher Apex500 Metal Detector
45. Mettler Toledo Scale, Model #2081, S/N #574347, Capacity = 70 lbs
46. Ermanco Rolling Conveyor
47. Clamco Heat Sealer, Model #255B
48. 3M-Matic Case Sealer
49. Marsh LCP Ink Jet System
50. 3M-Matic 22A Adjustable Case Sealer, Model #28600
51. Diamond America TF400 4'' Extruder, S/N #19-028, Date of MFG. 1/15/2020, Weight 1650 lbs
52. Material Processing Conveyor
53. Wallace & Tiernan Power Control Unit
54. System Cleaners Plant Cleaning Unit
55. Incline Material Processing Conveyor
56. Sheeting Roll
57. Mixing Repulper, Comes W/ (2) Steel Tanks
58. Automation Controls Electrical Control Panel
59. AutoJet 1550+ Auto Modular Spray System
60. Mettler Toledo Scale
61. Dust Collector
62. Transfer Ribbon Blender, Premix Ribbon Blender & Transfer Shoot
63. Kice Bag House
65. Pre-dryer (part of Line 1)
66. Mobile Steel Barrel
67. Steel Sink
68. Will-Flow Corp. Jacketed 100 Gallon Kettle Tank, Comes W/ Agitator
69. Will-Flow Corp. Jacketed 100 Gallon Kettle Tank
70. Forming Extruder Parts Machine
71. Forming Extruder
72. Walk-Up Stairs
73. Steel Sink
74. Readco Vacuum Mixer W/ Driver System
75. Yokogawa Flow Meter
76. 60 HP Motor & Fan (Might go with #74)
77. Shaker Screen
78. Pumps & Motors
79. Foxboro Oil Tank
80. Foxboro Oil Tank
81. Foxboro Oil Tank
83. Allis-Chalmers Motor & Tuthill Pump
84. Nash Pump & Motor
85. Sullair Air Compressor, Hours = 1542
86. Sullair Air Compressor, Hours = 4200
87. Sullair Air Compressor Dryers, Model #Rn-150, S/N #3416SA01437
88. Pallets of Sure Soft PelletsPlus Salt
89. (3) Eriez Magnetics Control Equipment, Model #VFT/115
90. Steel Funneling Bin
91. Steel Funneling Bin
92. Yellow Cabinet
93. Pallet Racking, (One Section)
94. Adfinity 24D EcoFlex Floor Scrubber
95. Parts Machine, Mixing Unit
96. Aero 40 Cold Jet, Dry Ice Machine
97. Steel Funneling Bin
98. Hobart Feed Stomper
99. Steel Tank
104. 18 Grey Lockers
105. Pallet Racking, One Section (Does Not Include Contents)
106. Pallet Racking, 24 Upbeams (Does NOT Include Contents)
110. Gas Powered Copper Kettle Tank
111. Refrigerator
112. CSC Moisture Balance Analyzer
113. Rubbermaid Scale, 150 Lbs Capacity
114. Forma Scientific Lab Drying Unit
115. APM Packaging Unit, Comes W/ Next Series 8 CU Printer, Weber BestCode (Hopper/Scale, Printer & Bag
116. Ro-Tap & Sieves
117. Water Flow Meter
118. Sartorius Scale
119. Ohaus Scale
120. Ohaus Scale
121. Ohaus Scale
122.Global Scale
123. Ohaus Scale
124. Pallet Strap Wheel Dispenser
125. Shipping Desk
126. Freestanding Lockers, 3 sets of 9 total lockers
127. Scale Weights
128. (3) Push Carts
129. Hygiena Incubator
130. 3M Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring & Management System


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1. Company Checks, Wire Transfers or Cashiers Checks payable to Schneider Industries Inc. will be accepted. No equipment will be removed from the sale site until payment is received by Schneider Industries. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

2. While descriptions are believed to be correct, the seller's agent or the owners make no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied, as to the genuineness, authenticity of, or defect in any lot and will not be held responsible for advertising discrepancies or inaccuracies. Everything sold "AS IS" and "WHERE IS" except as expressly made in writing. No warranties are made as to the merchantability of any items or their fitness for any purpose.

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4. It is the buyer's responsibility to secure all equipment to meet all applicable government safety standards in using or removing items purchased. All Import, Export, Taxes, Packaging, Rigging & Transportation fees are the buyer`s responsibility. Schneider Industries will provide our customary invoice. 

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