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Companies often have assets they need to liquidate, and an auction can be a productive way to do so. It’s important to work with a partner who understands your needs and has the experience, credentials, and know-how to run your auction in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Schneider Industries has been in the business of auctions for over 20 years, and our professionals know how to use the intricate auction process to their advantage for our customers. With a focus on customer service, we have experience with business and inventory liquidation and work with our customers in the auction process.

Our professionals have an extensive worldwide network and experience working with businesses in a variety of industries, and we bring that global experience to every auction. We understand the goals you have in mind and work to find solutions that fit your needs.

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Auction Process

Although auction participants may see a smooth process, the intricate background work that goes into setting up an auction takes an experienced professional. At Schneider Industries, we perform live auctions verbally conducted by a professional auctioneer who knows and understands the products to be sold.

Auctions often include Real Time Internet Bidding as well, allowing thousands of bidders to participate on the web. The Real Time Simulcast works in conjunction with a live auction where the bidder may not be able to physically attend on auction day, but can place bids, and buy just as if they were present. Schneider Industries partners with to bring thousands of potential customers.

Learn about the other steps in the auction process, which include:

  • Auction Day Catalog – Once we have received the information for your auction, we produce an Auction Day Catalog bidders can reference during the preview which includes a lot list, lot numbers, and descriptions of the inventory or property being sold. Catalogs also include the terms and conditions for each lot.
  • Auction Day – The day of the auction, Schneider Industries collects contact information from all bidders in the registration process, and distributes catalogs and bidder paddles. When the auction begins, terms and conditions are read out loud so expectations are clear and all bidders are on the same playing field.A professional auctioneer knowledgeable in the product to be sold conducts the auction. Some lots may be sold individually or in a combination of lots consisting of an entire product line. The auctioneer does this at their discretion to ensure that the assets bring the highest value possible.
  • Check Out – Following the auction, Schneider Industries can have a representative on-site to oversee the removal of assets and coordinate with riggers if necessary to make sure that all assets are removed in the timeline set forth in the terms and that the property is left in a suitable condition.
  • Settlement – After the auction takes place, the seller with receive a copy of all transactions that took place, including a list of all registered bidders, all assets sold and their respective price, and the total amount sold. Schneider Industries will remit funds less operational and marketing expenses for conducting the auction to the seller approximately 20 days after conclusion of the auction.

Online Only Auctions

In addition to on-site auctions, Schneider Industries can facilitate the sale of assets either solely online or in conjunction with a real time auction conducted orally by a professional auctioneer. If you have a plant that is still in production or are selling assets from multiple locations, an online auction may be a good fit. By appointment, bidders can inspect the equipment and do their due diligence prior to the auction. An online auction provides bidders the ability to bid and buy from the convenience of their home and office, providing the seller with a wider range of bidders.

Types of Auctions

  • Industrial Auctions – Liquidating industrial assets is a key business function for many companies, and Schneider Industries is here to help! Our industrial auctioneers work to provide solutions for businesses of every size.
  • Machinery and Equipment Auctions – It is common for businesses to have surplus machinery and equipment. Rather than having your assets sit idle, let Schneider Industries help auction your equipment to the highest bidder, bringing value and liquid cash you can invest in other areas of your business.
  • Commercial Real Estate Auctions – We provide auctions that commercial real estate property owners and developers can sell and bid on, and assets may include factories, warehouses, and office buildings, among other properties.
  • Residential Real Estate Auctions – Whether you own a few houses or a whole complex, Schneider Industries provides auctions for residential properties that connect sellers with bidders eager to invest in real estate.

To learn more about how Schneider Industries can auction your assets and help ease the liquidation process, contact us today!