Orderly Negotiated Sales

Orderly Negotiated Sales (ONS) are the terms used for the sale of property by any method other than by auction. For many business owners, ONS might be preferred over an auction due to the longevity of the sale and the pool of people from which the business owner might pull if they find their assets are more specialized and built for custom needs that will fit a smaller number of people in their industry.

The team at Schneider Industries is the number one choice of companies nationwide and internationally for managing surplus assets in a variety of industries. For almost 30 years, Schneider Industries has provided asset conversions through both auctions and ONS. We understand what businesses need and are here to help, offering our knowledge, expertise, and professionalism along the way.

Asset Conversions through Orderly Negotiated Sales (ONS)

Orderly Negotiated Sales work best for assets that are typically more specialized, expensive items built for individual needs or complete turnkey facilities.  If your business involves many specialized items or is a complete turnkey facility, ONS might be more favorable. The candidates that fit the sale are more targeted and your sale is easier to execute since your assets are presented to a smaller pool of end users who have expressed interest in your assets.

Some businesses may know they need to convert assets but need a longer lead time to do so. An ONS is helpful for this type of transaction in that sellers can use the time to find the right buyers, possibly yielding a higher sale point. Additionally, ONS allows for more negotiation, meaning the sale price has some room to move and benefit both the seller and the buyer.

Schneider Industries Offers Orderly Negotiated Sales for Asset Conversion

Schneider Industries will inventory and photograph the assets, list them on our website and market the assets to prospective global buyers.

We provide our clients with a high/low range of the asset’s values. We then negotiate the sale of the assets and oversee the removal of the assets after the sale.

To learn more about how Schneider Industries can provide guidance and help you through the ONS process, contact us today!