Looking for auctions selling specialized machines, plant support equipment, or a complete plant? On-site and online, Schneider Industries can help you find what you’re looking for.

No matter how specialized or difficult a piece of equipment is to find, Schneider Industries will utilize our network of worldwide resources to locate and acquire it for you.

Online and On-Site Auctions

Auctions make buying equipment and property easy! Our asset conversion team provides comprehensive services when you need it most. Or, if you are searching for equipment and inventory for your business, our team can connect you to the right seller.

When you are ready to buy, there are four general steps to purchasing your item(s):

  1. Registration – To register, go to for online and onsite auction bidding, or sign up in person if it is an onsite auction.
  2. Bidding – If bidding online, you will be notified if you are the winning bidder and you will also be notified if you have been outbid. While most lots are sold individually, others are sold in combination with multiple lots and may consist of an entire product line. Bulk bids lots will be listed in the lot description.
  3. Payment – After the auction, a representative from Schneider Industries oversees removal of equipment and payment collection to ensure both the seller and the buyer have a smooth transaction and the product is in the same condition as described in the Auction Day Catalog.
  4. Purchase Pickup and Transport – To pick up your purchase, you will need to set up your own transportation in order to receive the equipment.

Auction and Sales Services

Schneider Industries has been in the auction business for almost 30 years. We value the relationship between buyer and seller and do everything we can to make the buying process easy.

Our services include general auction management for every industry, as well as handling real estate auctions and Orderly Negotiated Sales (ONS) which better connects buyers of specialized equipment with motivated sellers.

Buying from our auctions is easy. You may browse our upcoming auctions and the items being sold online.  You may schedule an appointment to inspect the items available for purchase.

Buy Real Estate at Auction

With over 12 years of experience in real estate auctions, the team at Schneider Industries connects motivated sellers with buyers to complete the auction process in an efficient way, giving you a reliable purchasing experience for both residential and commercial properties.

Orderly Negotiated Sales (ONS)

Depending on the seller’s motivations, an Orderly Negotiated Sale (ONS) may be preferred over auction. For instance, if the seller has specialized equipment for sale that would benefit from a smaller pool of buyers, an ONS may be conducted in place of an auction.

No matter where you are in the world, Schneider Industries makes it easy to gain access to these sales. We not only inventory and photograph the assets, but we list them on our website for availability to global buyers.

Contact Schneider Industries

To get started in the auction process or be considered for ONS, contact Schneider Industries today!