Schneider Industries will create a personalized asset management solution to maximize the value of your assets while minimizing your trouble and loss.  All the while providing these services in a controlled, secure, and safe environment. Give us a call 314-863-7711.

Schneider Industries assists companies and individuals with surplus asset management, including sales, purchase, appraisal, inventory, marketing, removal, collections, transfers, and every aspect involved in the investment recovery program designed for your unique situation. We work with the Seller to create a specialized game plan that encompasses all the Seller’s needs. 

Schneider Industries has a worldwide presence utilizing our operating offices and affiliates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, England, Russia and Switzerland. We have created asset advisory plans and managed surplus equipment sales and subsequent plant removal/clean out activities for corporations such as General Mills, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Emerson Electric, Amoco, Energizer, Revlon, Dial Corporation, Thermadyne, Kraft, Grupo Herdez, Fresh Express, Takata, and many others. We solve companies’ surplus asset situations via auctions, negotiated and sealed bid sales.

See some of our services described below:

  • Onsite and Online Sales- Auction events spur excitement, therefore, helping maximize the value of available assets through competitive bidding.  Through an online bidding only auction event, buyers will be able to bid competitively from their computers.
  • Private Treaty or Negotiated Sales – Individual assets, production lines or entire facilities can be offered for sale onto the global markets. The sale takes the form of discussion and negotiation between the buyer and the seller facilitated and undertaken by Schneider Industries.
  • Sealed Bid Sales – For a sealed bid sale, we make an “Invitation for Bid,” or IFB, available to prospective buyers through the mail, by fax on demand, or via Internet. The IFB contains item descriptions, sale terms and conditions, item locations and inspection times, and a bid form. The winning buyer has the highest acceptable offer.

Each equipment, machinery and real estate sale includes inventorying all assets with detailed descriptions and photos; creation and implementation of the advertising campaign; negotiations and sales management with buyers; payment collections and reconciliations; management of equipment removal/checkout of buyers; and plant clean-up.