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Commercial Liquidation

Liquidating commercial assets is a periodically necessary and always beneficial business function. For the health of your organization, you might look to buy or sell finished goods. At Schneider Industries, we can help turn your surplus assets into liquid cash that can be invested in other areas of your business.

Commercial liquidation is beneficial to every different type of industry, from manufacturing facilities to food service and more. The sellers have the opportunity to sell top-dollar to their specific line of business and the buyers have the opportunity to buy turnkey products, while enjoying the convenience of a one-stop-shop for such a vast transaction.

Everything your company owns is considered a commercial asset that should either be used in your day-to-day business or, if not necessary to operations, it should be sold to maximize your ROI. Rather than losing out on potentially thousands of dollars when left idle, our experienced commercial liquidators can help businesses sell surplus assets or otherwise unwanted equipment, machinery, and real estate.

Schneider will help in all aspects of the sale process, including inventory of all assets with detailed description and photos, creation and implementation of an advertising campaign, negotiations and sale management between buyers and sellers, payment collections and reconciliation, and checkout of buyers with management of equipment removal.

Our auctions will help target the right audience for your business and generate the best returns on a variety of assets. Contact us today to buy or sell!

Commercial Liquidators You Can Trust

At Schneider Industries, we take great pride in combining an unparalleled commercial auction experience with the highest professional standards and ethics. Buyers and sellers of liquidated assets can be assured that the sale will go smoothly as a result of our advanced technology, superior logistics, and years of expertise.

Our trusted asset liquidators will assist businesses throughout the entire liquidation procedure. We will pay for all operating and advertising costs out-of-pocket to keep capital in the client’s hands until sale proceeds can be collected and monies reimbursed. We can even provide loans to companies that need to continue operations until the liquidation process is complete and proceeds are delivered.

Finally, our professional standards also include plant cleanup so even after everything is signed on the dotted line, you won’t have to worry about the handover. We’ll take care of it for you, our valued partner.

Liquidation for Any Business, Any Size

Schneider Industries, Inc. is aware that every organization–no matter what size–is different and the circumstances that lead to liquidation require unique and custom approaches. We treat all of our clients with the same level of respect and value their business needs as much as our own.

Our commercial liquidators will work with you to come up with a custom solution. We take the time to understand your goals which allows us to develop the best marketing strategy for the buying or selling of your asset. We do all this while working within your timeframe and budget.

No industry is ever too obscure, no business too small, and no asset too specialized. Our unique combination of diversified experience and tremendous integrity allow us to take on whatever asset liquidation you require, no matter the size or complexity.

Contact us today to turn your unneeded assets into cash for your business!