Commerical and Industrial Asset Management

Experienced Asset Management Partners

Since 1993, Schneider Industries has been a partner to thousands of companies, providing solutions to many of their most challenging asset management needs. We can do the same for you.

Equipment Sales

No matter the situation the team at Schneider Industries is willing and able to help you with all your equipment assets. If you are downsizing an operation and want to regain the value of unused equipment or you are upgrading your production lines and want to reclaim the space and capital, the team of skilled professionals at Schneider Industries has you covered with years of experience.

Use the latest technology to reach interested buyers in a timely fashion.

For the health of your organization, you might look to buy or sell finished goods.

Connecting you to suitable candidates for purchase.

Real Estate

With over 25 years of experience in the commercial real estate space, which has been focused on industrial properties, the Schneider team is your first choice for all your Real Estate needs. If you need your property reconditioned to attract the next owners, we have you covered too with one of the best in the industry Distressed Property management teams.

We have experience selling commercial properties including complete turn-kay facilities for companies including Bumblebee Foods, General Mills, Fedders Corporation and many others.

We can help you remove the years of age from your facilities and get them ready to attract a new owner.For the health of your organization, you might look to buy or sell finished goods.

We serve engineers as general contractors for turnkey factory restoration and construction projects.

Additional Services

Beyond our equipment and real estate businesses we also offer warehouse management and appraisal services.

Equipment tracking and management.

Understanding the value of the surplus assets you are holding.