Online Auction – Facility Closure – Surplus of a Regional Cheese / Dairy Manufacturer in BC Canada. Everything Must Go!

Regional Yogurt/Dairy plant closure in British Columbia Canada. Items include specialty dairy equipment and more! The company is closing the current facility and moving to a new location. CLICK HERE TO SEE AUCTION CATALOG


Pickup Information to be added soon All equipment is to be shipped June 19 – 26 Payment must be made within 72 hours. Please note rigging includes skidding but does not include crating. Crating will be extra if need be. Larger items will be...

Bidding Started:

April 13, 2023
10:00 am US/Central

Lots Closed:

June 8, 2023
10:00 am US/Central


British Columbia Canada

Category: Dairy Equipment, Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Pickup Information to be added soon

All equipment is to be shipped June 19 – 26

Payment must be made within 72 hours.
Please note rigging includes skidding but does not include crating. Crating will be extra if need be. Larger items will be direct load only.
The location is not overly accessible by a 53’ trailer.
For questions about the lots or to schedule an inspection email Riley Maccracken at





Lot # Title
0 Information Lot: Complete catalog to be added soon! Regional yogurt/dairy processing plant closure
1 3000L Cherry Burrell Jacketed Processing Tank with Agitator
2 4000L Cheddar Vat with agitator and curd mixer, dimple plate and utensils
3 7000L Chevre Press Vat with press units, Drain Bags and Rods
4 2000L cheese vat with open hot water jacket
5 2500L cheese vat with open hot water jacket
6 1956 200L Kettle, CRN 7013.5, Serial 2582, MWP 60PSI, 304SS
7 600L DeLaval Jacketed Tank with agitation
8 1000L CIP Washtank with basket
9 Fulton Propane 15HP 64900BTU/H Boiler Model 15-E, with condensation tank, feed pump, and steam
10 HTST Pasteurizer, custom built, ran at 1300L/hr capacity, last calibrated Nov. 2022
11 Gaulin Homogenizer, 7HP Single Phase
12 Centrifugal Separator, McCormick Model 3G, 20L bowl processed 200L/hr
13 Centrifugal Separator, Vega Model R8, 110v
14 Mozzeralla Depositor and Ball Former, Custom Built
15 Seapro Yogurt Depositor with Gas Flush
16 Frey Stuffer, Model Konti A-50, Serial FP521299025
17 Poly Clip Automatic Clipper, Model DOD.H6029, Serial 91558
18 Clippack Manual Clipper, Model ACD-16, Serial ACD160198
19 Poly Clip Double Clipper
20 Seapro Cup Sealer for 4″ cups, Model ET-95M
21 20 Quart Emery Thompson Ice Cream Machine, needs compressor
22 Walk In Cooler, McKinnley and Taylor with Larkin 5 fan evaporator
23 Cheese Press with racks for gouda and cheddar, holds 24 molds
24 Kusel Cheese Press
25 1988 International 5T Milk Truck with Air Brakes, Equipped with Jacob Brenner 4000 Gallon Milk Tank,
26 500L Jacketed Ricotta Vat on Tilting Frame
27 RCR Incubator, Model A411
28 Quincy Lab Incubator, Model 10-140, Serial L17528
29 Polyspede Spedestar PCL 150 15HP VFD, 1PH 230vac input, 3PH 230V output, Serial TB400382
30 Automation Direct GS2-25PO VFD, 5HP, 3PH 200-240V input, 0-240V output, 0.1-400HZ
31 ABB ACS150 1.5Kw/2HP VFD, 1PH 200-240V input, 3PH 0-240V output
32 Hitachi X200-075LFU 10HP VFD, 3PH 200-240V input and output
33 SS Horizontal Tank, Internal Dims 72″Lx24″Wx16.5″H
34 Circle C Manual Clipper, model CFA3100, serial 019
35 60 L Balance Tank, 2″ outlet
36 SMC Air Dryer Model ADFB65E-11N, Serial MP 0093C, 25SCFM
37 Denver Instruments pH Meter, Model UB5, Serial UB504C255
38 Lacticheck Butterfat Milk Analyzer, Model LC-02/A
39 Lot of spare electronics, regulator
40 Warnock Hersey / AZCO Ozonator Unit, Model HTU 500AC, Serial 25134
41 Dry Ice Machine with 10ft hose and gun, Insta-Ice Polyfoam Packers Model 460
42 Ecolab Oxidizer Test Kit 322, Model ECL-57800.88
43 2 Boxes Haynes Food Grade Lubricant
44 Page & Pederson MA50 Moisture Scale and Analyzer, SN MA30105-1
45 Rosa Charm Strip Incubator, serial 3156L9694
46 SP Scienceware Light Box, Model ULB-100, Serial 26744
47 Gast Vacuum Pump with 1/2HP Worldwide Electric Motor
48 Waukesha Positive Displacement Gear Pump, 2in inlet/outlet, 2HP 115/230v 1PH motor
49 Water Pump with motor, 2.5″ in and out, 1/4HP 1PH 115/230V 1725RPM
50 Pump on Cart, 1.5″ in 1″ out, Baldor 3/4HP Motor
51 Pump with motor, 1.5″ in 1″out, 3/4HP Motor
52 Berkeley Water Circulation Pump,1.5″in 1.5″ out, 1HP 115/230V 1PH 3450RPM Motor
53 AMPCO Centrifugal Pump, 1.5″ in, 1″ out, Baldor Single phase 115/230v 1HP 3450RPM Motor
54 Waukesha Size 30 Positive Displacement Pump, 1.5″ in and out, Serial 1289 SS, no motor
55 Centrifugal Milk Pump, 1.5″ in 1″ out, Baldor 1HP Single Phase 115/230v 3450 RPM Motor
56 Burks 7CT7H-FE-CS Boiler Pump Spare, Bluffton Single Phase 0.75HP 3450RPM Motor
58 Centrifugal Milk Pump, 1.5″ in 1″ out, Baldor 1HP Single Phase 115/230v 3450 RPM Motor
59 AMPCO Centrifugal Pump, 1.5″ in , 1″ out, with Baldor Single phase 115/230v 1HP 3450RPM Motor
60 AMPCO Centrifugal Pump, 1.5″ in and out, with Baldor Single phase 115/230v 1HP 3450RPM Motor
61 Versa-Matic Diaphragm Pump, Model SV186FG
63 Milnor Commercial Washing Machine, Model MWR18J4, 208-240V 3 Phase 38A
64 Berkeley Water Circulation Pump, 1HP
65 Control Panel With Temperature Recorder Chart, Custom Built by DELC
66 Omega 2 inche Lead Detector Valve, Model FTB-406A, Serial 151599
67 Lot of 3 boxes 1.5″” and 2″” sanitary clamps and barbed hose fittings
68 Lot of 3 boxes including pneumatic sanitary valves, three way sanitary valves, and butterfly valves
69 Lot of 2 boxes including 1.5 – 2″ plugs, CIP Sprayballs, SS Fitings and Hexnuts
72 Yamato Bench Scale, Model PPC-200W
73 APV Puma Pump, Size 2 – 2.5, 5HP
74 Mueller Refrigerated Dairy Tank, Bulk Milk Cooler Size 400
75 Lot of Inline Strainer, Wrenches, SS Pipe Brackets, Box of Gaskets and SS Wire
77 Glass Test Tubes and Half Gallon Acidity Tester
78 Floor Scale, Xtreme 3000 Series T31XW, Serial 00126396HJ, 2 – 300KG
79 Oakton pH 4 and ph 7 calibration solutions, 1 gallon each
80 Baldor 1HP Motor, EM3581T
81 Hand wash station with foot pedal
82 Lot of 27 40LB Cheese Hoops, each 14″Lx11″Wx6.5″H
83 Stainless wall rack for cheese moulds
84 Brie cheese mould units with extension drain plates, 40 per unit, Qty. 10
85 Stainless cheese moulds, Qty. 6, each 15″ diameter 4″ depth
86 3 Plastic Brine Tanks on Wheels
88 Lenze Motor with Lenze Gearbox, Model #14.810.08.10.9
89 3 Boxes of Vinyl Door Strip
90 Simplicity Dehumidifier, Model 15
91 Beaumark Dehumidifier
92 Stainless Steel Drain Table
94 Cooling Tank
95 Foldable Storage Rack on Wheels
96 Hitachi Ink Jet Printer, Model #RX2-BD160W
97 Falling Film Chiller, Custom Build, Compressor listed in Lot 157
98 Yale Electric Pallet Jack (Needs Battery), Model #MPB040E
100 ÊCheese ripening rack stainless, Qty. 168
101 Plastic cheese ripening racks, Qty. 40
102 CIP Tank
103 Coleman Instant canopy for events or farmers markets
104 Box of 1.5” SS Pipes
105 Box of 2” SS Elbows & Ts
106 Box of 1.5” SS Elbows & T’s
107 Box of 2” SS Pipes
108 Themraline Plate Heat Exchanger, Model T40H, Serial 3263, 150PSI at 300¡F
109 Jacketed Ricotta vat on tiltable frame
111 ÊSS Table w/ Collection Drain
114 Lot of 3 Food Grade Hoses, Lengths 9ft, 6ft and 13ft
115 Large milk crates, Qty. 168
116 Curd Cutter
117 Mozzarella Shredder
118 Stainless Cheese Racks
119 Ê20 Lbs Cheese Presses
121 Compressor for Cheese Curing Room, Embraco NE9213G
122 Ê314 ml glass jars, Approx. 1000
123 Brie Moulds
124 Plastic pallets
125 Bohn Evaporator
126 tank wash pump with motor, .33 hp
127 Venmar Ducted Heat Recovery Unit, Model #41500, S/N #BA07130101158
128 Display Panel
129 Display Panel
130 CIP Pump
131 Honeywell Humidifier, Model #Quick Stream
132 Box of Ice Cream Pails
133 ÊBox of Cryovac Bags
134 Clayton Industries Coil Guard 400 Chemical Barrell
135 Blue Storage Bins
136 Trolly
137 4 Small Rolling Flatbeds
138 Small Stainless Sink
139 SS Heat Exchanger
140 2 Adjustable Cheese Moulders
141 Automation Direct VFD for Cheddar Vat
142 SS Table
143 Foamer Unit
144 Chemical Pump
145 Baldor VFD for HTST
146 Germ o Ray UV Air Purifier
147 CIP Chemicals + Rack
148 Vector and Insect-o Cuttor Bug Traps
149 Dual Stainless Sink
150 Heat Plate Exchanger
151 APV Puma milk receiving pump, Size 2 – 2.5
152 Falling Film Chiller
153 Ice Bank with Compressor, Custom Build
154 Milk Receiving Tank
155 Gouda Moulds
156 Cooling Tank
157 Tecumseh Refrigeration Compressor, Model HAG553M-2, previously used with Lot 152
158 Heatcraft Compressor, Model LHT030H2B
159 Filing Cabinet
160 Heatcraft VFD for boiler feed pump, Model #LHT030H2B, S/N #T08G13224
161 Fantech Hepa Filter, Model CM 3000
162 Misc. Stainless Steel
163 4 Barrels Cleaning Solution including Tru-Blu LCD, Ecolab Oxonia Active, Tru-Blue LCA, and Chlorine
164 2 Boxes of Cheese Casings
165 Stainless Drain Table
166 Cooler Unit (no blower), Ref. Supply Serial EGA-643F-62-SP
167 Stainless Pump Stand
168 3 SS Footbaths
169 Large Curd Harp
170 Stainless Steel Pump Stand
171 Tank Man Stand
173 Small Curd Harp
174 Saeplast Tote with folding Lid, Model D327-1
175 Assorted Plastic Shelving
176 30 Gallon Agitated Holding Tank, 24″ Diameter 17″ Deep
177 Tank with SS Frame
178 35 Gallon Double Wall Rolling Tank on Casters
179 SS Table 56″”Lx24″”Wx36″”H
180 SS Drain Table, 72″Lx30″Wx36″H
181 Aqua Air Water System Tank, Model V60, Serial GM 87 17 E16
182 SS Racks, each 30″ x 20″
183 36″” 250LB Stepladder
184 Assorted Cheese Molds, Quantity of 42
185 SS Cart with Hangers for Cheese Vat Utensils
186 Frigidair Upright Freezer, Model FFU1764FW2
187 Custom Cheese Press
188 Derby 12.37 Cu Ft Reach In Freezer, Model EK35
189 Delta Sport Rooftop Cargo Carrier
190 SS Square Tube with Utensil Hangers