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SITUATION: MillerCoors purchased a 40,000 square foot cider processing, packaging and warehouse distribution center. After running the operations in the facility for five years, MillerCoors decided to streamline and move the operations to their Milwaukee headquarters. The Sacramento plant needed to be restored and reconstructed back to its original condition per landlord approval. SOLUTION: MillerCoors…

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SITUATION: Seneca was getting out of the canned fruit business and closing it’s 2 million square foot fruit processing and canning facility. The plant was one of the largest single location fruit processing and packaging operations in the world. The real estate was being sold. All equipment needed to be removed and the plant needed…

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Fresh Express

SITUATION: To improve efficiencies, Fresh Express closed three leased manufacturing facilities and consolidated operations to a single location in Chicago. Fresh Express’ three leases, all with different landlords, required facilities be returned to their original form. (As if Fresh Express was never there) SOLUTION: Fresh Express contracted with Schneider Restoration on a turnkey basis, to…