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Location: Modesto, CA, USA

Industry: Food Processing

Type: Restoration



  • Seneca was getting out of the canned fruit business and closing it’s 2 million square foot fruit processing and canning facility.
  • The plant was one of the largest single location fruit processing and packaging operations in the world.
  • The real estate was being sold. All equipment needed to be removed and the plant needed to be restored for the new owner.


  • Seneca contracted with Schneider Restoration on a turnkey basis to manage all aspects of the project including:
    • Managing a five-day auction event consisting of almost five thousand pieces of equipment used for fruit receiving, processing, packaging, and plant support.
    • Rigging and transportation of Seneca’s internal transfers and sold equipment to buyers.
    • Demolition and Restoration of the process floors, all cooling and all packaging rooms.
    • Scrapping of unsaleable items

Seneca was able to have this project completed without any cost. At the end of the project, Schneider Industries returned a clean plant to Seneca along with a check for the equipment sale.