Traditional Listing


Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Type: Corporate



EnerDel owned a lithium ion battery production facility in Ft Lauderdale, FL that produced small format battery cells. EnerDel was exiting that market and no longer had need for the 30,000 sq. ft. building or the assets. EnerDel was expecting to scrap the machines, designed in 2004, due to their specialized nature. EnerDel needed to hire a full service firm that could maximize the value of the assets and manage the removal and plant clean-out in a three-month expedited time-frame.


EnerDel hired Schneider Industries (SI) to handle the sale of the real estate and equipment. We implemented a two-phase program. Phase One was to market the facility as an on-going operation, in part because of the soft real estate market in Florida in summer, 2011. Phase Two was to market the equipment and real estate separately. Several bidders made offers on the equipment through an auction format; EnerDel received three times the scrap value they were expecting to receive. Schneider Industries sold the building separately under a traditional sale listing to a client of Sperry Van Ness Commercial Realty.

EnerDel was very pleased with the results and hired SI to manage another sale of excess equipment from their Indianapolis facility.